Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Apple Inc. #00016

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K Graber
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Apple Inc.
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112 3108

FTC, during the month of February 2013 my son who is 15 with autism purchased over 500.00 in apps on his IPad. When I bought him the Ipad I had to enter a credit card number just to get it online so that he could use his Itunes cards that he also got as a gift. The card I put on his account was from his dedicated social security account because I did not have any other form of credit card. I contacted Itunes immediately a few days later when I noticed the drop in his bank. The first few people I spoke with basically told me "so sorry, but you put your card in so we can use it"! I continued on to the next person in charge only to be told they would be glad to speak with my banker and try to figure it all out. I was optimistic thinking this would get straightened out. We set up a time and phone conference time so I took work off 4 hours early to got this figured out. My banker and I waited 45 minutes after our scheduled time to meet, and Apple never called. I called again a week later knowing that this was not going to look good for me as my sons payee to SSI. I spoke with a rep at apple who seemed sincere in helping me. We went through each charge and made sure to write down all codes so they could be identified to the managers who had the say in weather my charges could be reversed. After 3 1/4 more hours on the phone I was informed that they would not reverse the charges due to my card being on the ipad. The girl that tried to help me told me she was also appalled and disgusted with "Apples decision". Now we are in January 2014 and just this month my sons SSI check has been put on hold due to an internal audit of his SSI dedicated account and my supposed "miss handling of his funds". I am so utterly disgusted as this has never happened in 9 years he has been on SSI. Needless to say we are now living in Minnesota winter gathered around a space heater for heat due to apple flat out stealing my sons money so we cant afford all our monthly bills this or next month. I think Steve Jobs would even be ashamed of his company.