16 CFR Part 312; Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule Review; Project No. P104503 #00015 

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Maneesh Pangasa
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16 CFR Part 312; Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule Review; Project No. P104503
Note: For additional comments please see attached Microsoft Word Document. To Whom This May Concern At the Federal Trade Commission Regarding Electronic Privacy Rule Changes for Children, I'd like to thank the Federal Trade Commission for soliciting public input on proposed new rules by the FTC to protect children's privacy online. I strongly believe its time federal law caught up with technology. The last time Congress reformed the nation's electronic privacy laws was in 1986. All Americans not just children should have some privacy protections. The right to privacy is implied in the U.S. Constitution although not specifically mentioned. With the unfortunate erosion of our civil liberties since the tragic 9/11 attacks resulting in the PATRIOT Act, warrantless unconstitutional wiretaps, erosion of our rights from unreasonable search and seizure that has occurred we need our privacy rights to be protected now more than ever. The telecom immunity bill should be repealed and all warrantless wiretapping of Americans communications stopped. That being said I believe it’s time for Congress to update our nation's privacy laws to outlaw such abuses by government and/or corporations that erode our privacy in future. However, that doesn't mean there aren't things regulators tasked with consumer protection can't do in the meantime. Regulators can and should do all they can to protect individual privacy online while ordinary citizens write their members of Congress asking legislators to update the country's privacy laws. Clearly protecting the privacy of children is extremely important, as is protecting the privacy of all Americans. Again I'd like to note that I have a Microsoft Word Document attachment included with further comments.