Request for Comments and Announcement of FTC Workshop on Spring Privacy Series #00013

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Pete Giancola
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Request for Comments and Announcement of FTC Workshop on Spring Privacy Series
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Dear sirs, I have read with great interest all of the comments calling for strict oversight for tracking individuals through the use of Geo-locating devices. However I would like to "bend" your perspective for just a moment. Each and every commenter is referencing a law abiding citizen using a device that tracks their location and information. What about non-lawabiding citizens? We operate an Ignition interlock device with Geo-locating features. The client voluntarily and with full knowledge asks to have the device we sell placed into their car. The unique feature of this device is that if the person decides to drink and drive (An inimical public hazard, that the device sends their precise location to law enforcement authorities to intercept the offender before disaster is visited upon the public) This device tracks an individuals every movement in their vehicle, where they have been and where they are going and logs their movements every minute the vehicle operates. This information in our view can then be captured for many different uses. One of which would be to get the client insurance at a reasonable rate while on a device. (it allows the offender to be a productive citizen instead of a burden on society because they are prevent from making a living) What about the newest use of the device? The device is now being used by the courts in domestic violence cases to track the offenders every movement. These offender many times are required to have or abstain from any alcohol and from being anywhere in the close proximity of their victim. This device can instantly alert the courts that the violator has entered a "no fly" zone and immediate and swift consequences can result. How about the vulnerable probation officer that prior to this technology being available, had to track violent offenders many times by themselves with little or no protection into some pretty frightening places. Now with the device they can call the violent offender and send them out to their vehicle and know exactly if the full weight of the authorities should be brought to bear? Remember that there are many times two sides to every issue and what one party desires and believes protects the public in one instance exposes another totally un realizes sector of the population to an unacceptable level of personal welfare exposure. sincerely Pete Giancola