Alcohol Reports: Project No. P114503 #00013 

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Jacqueline Stull
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Alcohol Reports: Project No. P114503
I know of no other industry that is given the right to set its own standards. Alcohol is the number one drug used in this country and that is because it is deemed legal. It is the major promotor of crimes and poor moral and social conducts. Because this drug industry has been protected by big lobby, it has risen to the point that it believes it is above the law. Nothing and no one should be above the laws of the land especially when the influence is so detrimental to our nation's youth. It was once believed that moral conduct could / should not be legislated, but we have witnessed a change in that concept with the federal law restrictions on the tobacco industry. It is past the time to force the alcohol industry to admit the damage it has done and continues to promote. Their advertising is all false glamour and not reality. It is past time for them to face the reality their industry brings to every family in this nation in one form or another. The taxpayer who doesn't drink any of form of alcohol is still paying for the damage done by the industry. Alcohol ads do not reveal the truth about broken homes,abuse, loss of lives and jobs. It should have to place ads of 'truth': billboards with a wine-o, filthy and homeless, kids hungry, neglected and abused, parents unable to function, minors raiding the 'family bars', real life photos of accidents caused by drunk driving and real cirrhosis diseased livers, just to name a few possibilities. Nothing is gained from alcohol. Modern medical practices do not need it to numb pain or sterilize. It has gone far beyond its years of potential usefulness. The industry is an out of control raging giant which grows more dangerous with each succumbing victim.