Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Facebook, Inc., FTC File No. 0923184 #00013 

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Deron  Giscombe
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Facebook, Inc., FTC File No. 0923184
I am very happy to see that FTC is beginning to take the issue of online privacy very seriously. One thing that i am not certain that is addressed in the sanctions been leveled on facebook, is how they track users around the internet even users are signed out of their accounts. I have on many occasions see my name shown up besides the "like this" feature even though i was absolutely not logged into my facebook account. Beyond the facebook privacy issues i am also wonder what the agency plans to do to safeguard internet users against a seemingly increasingly number of data mining companies that minds the internet building profile of internet users are and sells personal online history without the consent of the individual on whom the information is concern. I am certain that everyone that uses the internet would like to know and feel safe that their personal online information is not been sold without their knowledge or consent. I have personally done searches of my name and was shocked to see the amount of companies that has my personal information selling. And to add insult to this of injury, it is so difficult to get these companies to delete your information when requested. No one should have to provide these private companies two to three forms of personal ID's to these companies just request to have one's personal information deleted from there database. What is even more frightening is that no one knows what these companies do with personal ID's with photographs when they collect this additional information. I would strongly suggest that the FTC apply similar privacy policies to these companies. By giving internet users great ease to have these companies delete personal reformation up request.