Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Bi-Lo Holdings, LLC #00012

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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Bi-Lo Holdings, LLC
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i have been shopping sweetbay at hwy 54 and old pasco rd for a year and a half now. i am very satisfied with their prices as well as their product. i used to shop wynn dixie years ago when i lived in hillsborough county, but, stopped when i moved, as there was not one close by. when i moved again and looked for a new grocery store to use, i found a wynn dixie on bearss ave. and was flabbergasted at the extremely high prices. right up there with publix and albertsons. over priced big time. well, that's when walmart became my shopping store, much lower prices and the quality as good. i drove way out of my way across town just to shop at walmart and even though i paid more for gas, i still saved more money and got more for my money than i would have at that wynn dixie. now, granted, wynn dixie has always had the best meat, especially beef, of all the grocery chains and still do, but, a struggling store in land o' lakes or lutz was still over priced and publix was kicking their butt. i don't shop publix unless necessary. the reason is i needed milk for the baby one night about 8:30 pm and some guy at the door would not let me in as they were closing at 9:00pm, not even for the 2 gallons of milk i needed. so, i went across the street to the new sweetbay, (it was a kash n karry previously) and they got all of my business from then on. this incident happened in town and country on waters ave about eight, nine, ten years ago. well, if wynn dixie raises the prices from what sweetbay had, i'll simply go to publix down the street until the new walmart opens up nearby. sweetbay is less than 2 miles from my house. if wynn dixie wants business, don't raise your prices to that of publix, most peoples thoughts of wynn dixie are the stores are dirty and the staff is not helpful nor knowledgeable of the product they sell and some of the wynn dixies i have gone into the last 6 or 7 years, those stores were dirty, shelves improperly stocked and a few aisles had dangers of falling items. over priced like crazy. and the so-called sales for bonus perks? what a joke. the prices are ridiculously hiked up, claiming you save $2.00 on two of this item. well, if you watch the ads and shop the stores you find that last week, that item was $2.49 and this week it's on sale for $4.50 buy one get one free. you only save $.48, not the $2.00 as whats claimed. prices are what will keep me from shopping wynn dixie. be carefull or this old pasco rd and hwy 54 sweetbay/wynn dixie will end up a desolate nasty place like the one on hwy 54 and collier blvd. in lutz or land o' lakes.