Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc. #00010

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Adam Schumaker
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Music Teachers National Association, Inc.
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Dear FTC-You investigation into the MTNA's Code of Ethics is frivolous and a waste of my tax dollars. I will now reference this quote from an MTNA email I received today "The Code, which is not enforced by MTNA, contains one provision that encourages members not to solicit students from other music studios. The FTC believes that this restriction, which is common with other professionals such as doctors and lawyers, somehow restrains competition." First, the Code of Ethics IS NOT ENFORCED. It is merely a suggestion that any respectable music teacher considers when taking on new students. Music Teachers build their reputation from teaching and performing, and building a student base from community interest and word of mouth reputation. For a music teacher to try and seek out students from other studios would be like a dentist placing brochures for their practice in another dentist's office. Respectable business people just don't do it. Nothing that the MTNA suggest inhibits students from switching studios or teachers creating advertisements to solicit new students. All the code of ethics ask is that we do not purposefully attempt to steal a student from another's music studio. The student can decide on their own with no problems and make a switch of teacher when the student and parent feels it is necessary. As a guitar teacher myself, I often recommend students switch to a variety of other teachers when they reach a certain point with me as their instructor. This is what music teachers do, and nothing binds the student into an inescapable agreement with a music teacher. As an administrator who often works with Piano Teachers, I create programs that allow students to experience other teachers outside of their own studio teacher. This is common in the music world and allows the student and their family to make the decision. There is no reason to make a huge deal about a suggestion in a code of ethics. Students and families have been, and forever will be, able to make their own decisions regarding their private music teachers that enables a music teaching economy free of restrictions. I would be happy to be contacted if you need more information.-Adam Schumaker