Alcohol Reports: Project No. P114503 #00010 

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Charlene  Takeuchi, MA, LMFTA, LMHCA
Agape Unlimited, Kitsap PCAP
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Alcohol Reports: Project No. P114503
I see a loophole with 12-21 year olds and suggest: Stronger reinforcement of "proof of age" at point of sale, and middle school and high school PSA targeting students/teens is desperately needed. I am also a Counselor for private school, and have my own kids in public high school, their stories of friends or kids they know and their escapades w/binge drinking is out of control common! I would like to see: Access at home = increased parental culpability via legal system, not CPS. In my opinion, marrying Mental Health awareness and services w/chemical dependency treatment (alcohol particularly) ie. co-occurring programs, needs to be primary intervention for any age drinking problem. Requiring "family unit involvement" in that treatment, not just as an intervention. In schools, not just through "health courses", but as ongoing refresher requirement for graduation students should be held accountable for their understanding of chemical use (broad range) w/particular focus on Alcohol, and not just for females, as males bear 50% culpability in pregnancy outcome! The principle of shared responsibility for birth control applies: your drinking, no sex / safe sex ... or one better ... NO drinking practice. PSA's that reach kids much like the TRUTH tobacco PSA's a few years ago that spoke briefly yet poignantly the outcome reality of smoking. Graphic, vivid pregnancy outcomes (ie. FASD's) and personal body system impact and what happens to aging process, major organs, etc. These kids don't have a clue!! They are too sheltered and more than capable of absorbing this information. This should not be an "opt out" education requirement! Parents should not be given the option to keep their children from this critical life-altering, behavior altering information. This is basic biology/physiology 101 information. If children are expected to pass Physiology and Anatomy, new Integrated Math (incorporating Trigonometry, Calculus, Geometry, Alebra)and Psychology, why on earth would we not require them to comprehend their culture's social scene and the impact poor decisions have on their future??? At PCAP, we serve 18+ years of age pregnant and parenting women in their child-bearing years and see full spectrum drug use, including and especially targeting alcohol. We advocate for our clients for 3 years, a once in a lifetime opportunity, to get them connected to resources and get off drugs/alcohol. We are all too familiar with FAS spectrum as this program was originally designed to reduce future effected births. I believe we need to start much earlier than 18! It must start at age 12 (6th grade)! Thank you for your every consideration. Charlene "Lena" Takeuchi, MA, LMFTA, LMHCA Marriage and Family Therapist Mental Health Counselor School Therapist