Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Bi-Lo Holdings, LLC #00009

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Susan Hiza
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Bi-Lo Holdings, LLC
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I live a mile from a WD and I shop at Publix and SweetBay which are farther away. SweetBay is the only place that I can get Lykes meat products which I have always preferred to Oscar Meyer etc. Another reason I shop there is to get roasted turkey breasts from the deli. I buy wings from the deli and I enjoy getting a cup of Keurig-style coffee at the deli. However, the main reason I go out of my way is for the great brown eggs that are cage-free and have nice firm shells because they are fed a good diet; that and the delicious produce that is not prepackaged like Publix and it always looks so fresh unlike WD whose produce is never up to the quality of SB. Why oh why can't we have Bi-Los? Now that would be an improvement. I cannot not see how a surplus of WDs is going to benefit anyone. BI-LO has a great reputation and many of my friends would welcome them here (everyone but Publix. This move will benefit Publix and no one but Publix, so who is for this monopoly anyway? Publix? Many grocery stores have come and gone over the 60 years I have lived here. In the end what will be left? only Publix I guess.