Alcohol Reports: Project No. P114503 #00007 

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Frank Connelly
Cambridge Prevention Coalition
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Alcohol Reports: Project No. P114503
It is my opinion that the alcohol industries self-regulation of alcohol advertisements has failed to adequately protect adolescents under the age of 21 from the harms associated with exposure to alcohol ads. From "fan" pages on Face Book to "twit-backs" on twitter the alcohol industry has managed to capitalize on newer social networks with little regard for our children. In the older, more traditional, medium of television the industry continues to saturate the airwaves around major sporting events like the March Madness and the Superbowl. WE need to create objective standards for judging the content. We need to lower the current 30% standard that pertains to percentage of viewers who are under 21 to 15%. We need an independent, third-party review board that includes public health, prevention and/or the public interest. We need enforcement power and graduated penalties that are enforceable and binding. Even if the industry is not targeting minors to purchase their products they are influencing "brand loyalty" and affecting the norms pertaining to alcohol. The amount of capital spent and the efficacy of alcohol advertisements can and do manipulate all of us. Those of us who work in public health and prevention cannot barely touch the breath and depth of the current imbalance. Please invest in evidence based research and evaluation as you monitor and evaluate this concern.