16 CFR Part 303: Rules and Regulations Under the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act, Project No. P948404 #00007 

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suk nitaki
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16 CFR Part 303: Rules and Regulations Under the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act, Project No. P948404
I think the rules and guidelines for textiles sold in USA are getting more and more ridiculous, stringent and costly to American retail based businesses...especially the small businesses who are hangling by a thin thread to survive in this vulnerable economy. With very limited resources to comply with manage, and/or process products to meet with federal/state requirements are counter productive. I understand the need for consumers to having a level of purchasing power....and I understand and agree that businesses should adopt a more transparent approach to conducting business, for the purpose of having stronger business ethics and practices and protecting consumer privileged information. I get that!...but we are also entitled to having trading privacy to protect us as a business. Starting and managing a business in the textile industry is to say the least a difficult and tedius task to begin with, and not an industry most can venture...it is increasingly more difficult to complying with strict, costly, and arbitrary policies and procedures that do not add more value to the consumer. In fact, most consumers I know do not care about the percentage breakdown of the fabric, nor about who the manufacturer is...but simply more so, WHERE it was made and HOW much it cost - this is the bottom line. In fact, most consumers I know removes the labelling from their clothing because they deem them annoying and irritating. We are living in perilous economic times and to add or increase the rules and laws governing the textile business is not only going to hurt our national economy, but will WIPE OUT any existence of small businesses who dared to even venture in competion with big business and big business policy (which in my opinion is self serving and bureaucratically monopolizing - one of the reasons we are in this mess to begin with). I say, lighten up, give us a break! so long as we are not infringing on any IP and we exercise good business ethics, we let consumers know the name/brand of the clothing and simply apply general care and fabric content and where it was manufactured, I think that should be well sufficient. To have to identify the percentage breakdown of each is just frivolous and knit picky....no pun intended!