Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Timothy Kelly and Ronald P. Koller, FTC File No. 1123151 #00007 

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Clif Atkinson
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Timothy Kelly and Ronald P. Koller, FTC File No. 1123151
You are a seriously wrong and I request you rewrite this and get your facts correct. A person that rents a computer signs a contract that says they are renting the computer and must return it at the end. They also sign in writing that if they claim it is stolen or fail to return it that the owner may install software to track it and use the webcam to take their picture along with screenshots to solely be used to determine where the computer is located, so it can be recovered. Now how is any of this spying on customers? Did you ever ask who the owner was? Was the rental contract in affect? No, you did not. You also mislead the public by stating numbers that make it sound like these companies are loading spy software on thousands of computers worldwide. The facts in this case do NOT support your claims. According to the manufacture’s own sworn testimony the only software ever installed is a kill-switch. So what we have here are rental stores renting computers with a software package installed that has the ability to install software to take pictures and record screenshots in the event the rental customer says it is stolen or the rental customer actually steals it by moving and stops paying. The key here is that none of this is ever installed until the signed contract is broken. We also have rental customers that are trying to get one over on the rental company by claiming the computer was stolen, in other words lying. You also improperly state how the software works when a computer is reported stolen. It pops up a fake registration and misleads the thief by say Windows (or another package) needs to be registered trying to get them to reveal who and where they are. Do you really think that telling a thief that you know they have stolen the computer and you want to know who they are would work very well? Would the person using the stolen computer fill out form if you told them the truth (fill out this form so I can have you arrested)? This form is ONLY emailed to the owner and there is no 3rd party disclosure. There is no guarantee they didn’t just type in Mickey Mouse, but most people are ignorant so they at least type in their name (do you know how many people that rented a computer claim it was stolen but fill out at least their own name? They won’t give their address but often they give their correct name). Now the owner of the computer can take this information to the police and say here’s who’s using my computer go arrest them. But, do you know what most DA’s say? It does not prove enough that they actually filled out this ‘fake’ registration. So, the software gives the owner the ability to take a picture of the person filling out the ‘fake’ form. So, let me ask you how this, how is it capable of recording sex, taking pictures of half-dressed people, etc. You again mislead the public into thinking the webcam is streaming auto when in fact it is only taking a picture of the person filling out a registration form. Also, in sworn testimony, the manufacturer says these intervals are at two minutes apart. So how much sex can be recorded in two minute intervals? According to the Google a vast majority of sex is completed in less than five (5) minutes.