Request for Comments and Announcement of FTC Workshop on Spring Privacy Series #00006

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Request for Comments and Announcement of FTC Workshop on Spring Privacy Series
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Hello, I am grateful you are addresing this issue both as a Registerd Nurse from the Midwest and as an client needing private, competent care. And the FTC has a large amount of cases related to breach of private information. A data bank would be very helpful regarding Continuity of Care. In my 30+ years in a non-profit Hospital with Residents wo manage a 'High Risk' clincs, mainly Spanish speaking. My nursing training mostly was in the Public Hospital. Then taught Nursing Education for a State & City again being able for the students to learn more. Then on to Community Health Nursing doing mainly follow-up visits to new mothers. Again the clients primarily spoke Spanish. I urge you to mandate Continuing Education for Physicians in all States as well as Dentists. And to eliminate any protection clause to those Health Care providers employed by a State are 'Exempt from Retribution. I have seen appalling breeches of HIPPA by Hospital staff, first Responders and paramedics. As I am semi-retired & acted as a friend with Metastic Breast Cancer, Medical POA (all her family visted but lived out of town) And last but least an inaccurate medical rumor stated as possible, I read another state's government site. I have requested information from my insurance via regular mail than email (even though a caution sign re mail thief is posted. I do live in a more corrupt area with breaking/entering the condo I own than when I lived on the Southside of Chicago. In conclusion CEU's & penalty for abuse of HIPPA by County Employees. This state is 8th in the Nation for suicides (22 in population, # 1 in School Shootings. The employees at the local hospital state homelessness, alcoholism & drug abuse for their lif-style choices. That was 2nd hand info but from a lot of people & I saw it directly re my now deceased friend. Maybe CEU's for paramedics, first responders also. The state I lived in had CEu's mandated for nurses. Important also Good luck & thank you