Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of CVS Caremark Corporation, FTC File No. 1123210 #00006 

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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of CVS Caremark Corporation, FTC File No. 1123210
CVS Caremark notified me in Nov/Dec of 2011 that RXAmerican is being changed to Silverscript. I called RXAmerica to inquire about this change and was told that it was simply a name change only with no other changes. Today, Monday, February 06, 2012, I call RXAmerican again because I was told from a pharmacy that my pharmacy drug ID number had expired. I was told that RXAmerica Part D consumers were switched over to Silverscript another company within CVS Caremark and all new cards were issued. It wasn't a name change but a company change. CVS Caremark put me into another one of their companies (subsid)without me knowing it. I was actually enrolled into another company without knowing it! Perhaps, it makes it easier for CVS Caremark consumers to switch to a company within or affiliated with CVS Caremark than to have consumers search elsewhere. Nevertheless, I was deceived into thinking that it was only a name change and was unknowingly enrolled over the phone when I gave my RXAmerica information back in Nov/Dec of 2011. Whoa! I still don't know the difference between the two companies if any. Today, I was told that for Part D consumers there are no differences between RXAmerica and Silverscript plans, and that there is no need to be concern about it, Part D is Part D in either company's plan. Please investigate to see if there are differences and if there are we should be told/I want to know. Also, consumers need to be told that CVS Caremark is enrolling them from one of its embedded/ affiliated companies to another and it is NOT just a change of a company's name, in this case RXAmerica to Silverscript. Now, how do we know if we are with yet another company over charging medicare within the CVS Caremark family?