Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Aspen Way Enterprises, Inc., FTC File No. 1123151 #00004 

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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Aspen Way Enterprises, Inc., FTC File No. 1123151
I have never read a large bigger pack of lies than what I have just read here today. Did you know that the Byrd’s that started all this claiming the Aaron’s store spied on them is not telling you the whole story? Like Paul Harvey would say, now here’s the rest of the story. A new General Manager took over the WY Aaron’s store and as is with SOP, the new GM did an audit. During the audit, a laptop was missing that should be in the store’s inventory. Store records were missing but, store employees remembered that the last person renting it was the Byrd’s. So the GM called them and asked if they would like to continue renting it or were they planning on returning it. They denied having it and insisted they returned it weeks ago to the prior manager (who by the way was fired for stealing). The GM knew however that someone was using it somewhere in the world because it was updating the PCRental website indicating it was connecting to the Internet. After contacting the Regional Manager, the computer was marked as stolen and asked to have the tracking software installed therefore it could be tracked and discover who had it. At first, it was thought it was stolen by an employee. After a short period of time the detective program was installed and it was collecting data. Low and behold, guess who was using it? It was the Byrd’s. So, the GM called the Byrd’s once again and asked them if they were sure they returned the computer. Again, they insisted they did not have it. So the GM asked the detective program to take a picture and it took a picture of Mr. Byrd using it. Now armed with the proof, that indeed the Byrd’s did have the computer, the GM went to their house and once again asked for the computer. Again they denied having it until the GM showed them the picture proving they were lying. At this time Mr. Byrd said get the **** off my property. After the police got involved, the Byrds now claim they had purchased the computer for cash. They produce a hand written receipt saying rent was paid in full. However everyone in RTO knows the last payment is always a retail sale and not rent. The Byrd’s also claim that they waked into the Aaron’s store and were seen by no employees despite the store always having several people on staff at all times, however, they walked into the store, were seen by nobody and handed over $700 in cash to somebody that they now cannot seem to remember. They claim to have paid over $700 in cash for a used laptop despite being able to purchase the same computer or similar brand new on the very same day locally for only $425. But, they decided to pay over $700 for a used laptop. That despite no computer outage on that day, they were only able to get a hand written receipt for cash, furthermore it is against Aaron’s policy to NOT give a customer paying off an item a computer generated receipt and a certificate of ownership. But, somehow that is all they only got a handwritten receipt and it ONLY says rent paid in full. It doesn’t even say what the item they paid rent on was. What happens in RTO is an employee will tell a customer to give them say $200 when they are in the field trying to collect from them and if they do so they can own it. For this amount, the employee will give them a phony hand written receipt and will tell them that if anyone comes asking, you simply tell them you returned it. And just in case something goes wrong here’s a receipt saying you paid for it. But don’t worry, when I get back to the store I’ll shred your rental contract so nobody will ever know you ever had it. This scam has gone on for years, and would have worked but the computer had the ability to install software to track it. Please do this country and the fine company’s you are claiming did something wrong a favor and properly report the facts.