Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of C.A.L.M. Ventures, Inc., also doing business as Premier Rental Purchase, FTC File No. 1123151 #00004 

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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of C.A.L.M. Ventures, Inc., also doing business as Premier Rental Purchase, FTC File No. 1123151
Dear FTC, I’m writing you to ask why you wrote such a stupid order. I rented a computer from Aaron’s and I signed an agreement that clearly states the computer could be tracked. I do not need you to interfere with my rights as an adult to make decisions for me. Two years ago, I left my computer on a bus and when I remembered it, it was gone. I had very important information that I needed back. Aaron’s was able to discover who had it and I recovered my computer and all my information. I do not care that they did so by taking pictures of the person, it was my computer not the person that was using it. Over the past two years I have walked into the Aaron’s store to make my payment and have heard them tell every customer that they have the ability to track electronics if they become stolen. I think you are missing the boat here and are assuming something is wrong based on inaccurate information or based on a select few. If someone was using software inappropriately then address that. However do NOT violate my rights to protect my property. If I sign an agreement stating that I agree to have software installed that allows anyone to track me then that is my right and is none of your business. This is a free country and I have the right to decide for myself not you. I did not spend two years in Vietnam to have you tell me that I cannot do something that I’m more than capable of deciding for myself. I’ve had friends die in my arms and it sickens me to think that the freedom they fought for is being stripped away. Here’s what you don’t seem to understand. If Aaron’s tells me that I will be tracked I can agree or I can go rent from someplace else. It is my choice, not yours to make for me. You can make sure they disclose it, they don’t hide it, and they don’t put it in fine print and more. However, in the end it is my right to decide for myself not you. You are to make sure consumers are properly informed, but it is my decision to make and NOT yours. I signed an agreement that I fully understand and am fully happy with but now I cannot be afforded the protection that my friends died for! If rental stores were not disclosing it then address that! You state in your findings that a rental contract doesn’t give the rental store the right to spy on its consumers, however my contract clearly states that they can and I clearly agreed to it. It is my right to have the freedom to decide for myself. If all information is presented to me than it is my responsibility to decide not yours, yours is to only make sure that I’m afforded the opportunity to have all the information made available thereby allowing me to make the decision. Please rewrite this with an order that makes sense and does not violate my rights that I have fought for.