16 C.F.R. Part 312; AssertID Application for Parental Consent Method, Project No. P-135415 #00003

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Rahul D
Evergreen technology Solutions
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16 C.F.R. Part 312; AssertID Application for Parental Consent Method, Project No. P-135415
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The AssertID method is an interesting one. However, it is very difficult to implement and seems to be difficult to scale. It requires website owners to comply with it. There are thousands of websites out there.Some of them are active, some of them are not. How are we going to get acceptance from the website owners who first priority is to attract revenue ? Secondly the method also needs parent involvement. The parents are already short on time and that is the main reason kids end up going to websites that they may not if their parents are around.Thirdly, some good websites might also have some objectionable content. In that case, it is hard to filter such websites with the AssertId method.Internet being so big it is, it is better to start from the user and provide him/her the control of what they want to watch. What we need is a solution that does the following: 1. The parent has to be involved minimally. Maybe initially, the parent may perform some initial setting on the computer which will be then remembered by the browser. Based on these settings the content will be presented/blocked to the kids. Parents do not have to update these settings again and again. 2. The filtering has to be based on content rather than URLs. For ex. Parent may say they are ok with websites that allow purchases but want to block websites with keywords like ""sex"".There could be websites where the website is good but some content may be objectionable and vice versa. 3. The solution should be versatile across anything that the kids is like to use be it websites or apps. The logic in (1) and (2) above can be expanded to the apps as well. 4. The onus of the mechanism should not be on the content provider but the content consumer. Only then the solution can become scalable and successful.Otherwise even though we get success, it will be in few pockets not across all the internet and app users. We at ""Evergreen Technology Solutions"" are dedicated to developing solutions to ensure kids safety online. Our first product ""Kaboom App Timer"" is very popular in the Apple store.Please check http://bit.ly/16gRpun , http://aol.it/13JAP5u. We plan to expand this product into other areas as well and we have a product along the lines of what I have mentioned above. If you would like to understand more about how we will handle website and app safety in our yet-to-be-released product, please contact us.