16 C.F.R. Part 312; AssertID Application for Parental Consent Method, Project No. P-135415 #00002

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16 C.F.R. Part 312; AssertID Application for Parental Consent Method, Project No. P-135415
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Your peers(forward thinking technology companies and other federal trade commissions of recognized and modernized countries)would probably agree preventing fraud through communications networks needs to be based on an operating system with a foundation which is derived from something more than hearsay(peer verification). Your proposed system may catch the prankster. Is this what should be proposed and accepted as ""reasonable""? I would hope you would place preventing the professional con on the same priority as the prankster. Through the assistance of technology, professional cons can create networks of seemingly reputable peers with seemingly decent trust scores. Your choice of the wording ""self-asserted identity"" is not thoroughly defined with a realistic standard of measurement. At any given moment anyone can assert an identity of their choosing. The most clever and the most proficient will be able to ""accurately"" back it up. Does that make that identity real or true? No. Though not biologically born, an avatar is a self asserted identity. Regarding the security of a child, accurate technology which can verify biology is the only trustworthy means of verifying someone's ""self-asserted identity"", no matter how many identities said individual chooses to have. Each identity will have the same set of fingerprints. Assert I.D. forms need to be signed with a fingerprint. It is not 100% fraud proof. However, it will add another obstacle which may deter. Many p.c.'s and laptops throughout the world are set up to incorporate this system. In the name of safety, about a decade ago, the U.S. Government began implementing the e-scripts program. The program not only saved lives, it cut down on fraud within the system it was designed to interface. There was a large and publicized window in which both public and private physician's offices who could not afford this user friendly technology, were given the equipment for free. The mortality rate resulting from fake and misinterpreted paper prescriptions decreased across the nation. A similar system needs to be implemented to obtain your goal. Individuals who need to access public computers for important, professional use regarding the safety of their child, need to have fingerprint verification installed and encrypted on these systems. Many things that matter in today's world require such verification. There are many individuals in the world who would be willing to collaborate with you in order to achieve this goal. You should speak with the cyber security directors at NCSA. Also, there is a niche of tech companies with home offices in the Netherlands. Many of their clients are government offices in Europe and the U.S. These governments are brought together in cooperation in the name of security for the individual. Some of the best and dedicated people you will ever meet work for these companies. These individuals truly believe in security, justice and eliminating fraud. They are experts at seeing the big picture. If your system is already obsolete, or soon will be, you don't want your good efforts put to waste. When it comes to the security of a child, this would be unreasonable thinking. In the best interest of a child's security one must think long term. Implement a full-proof secure system that can withstand the test of time. Thank you.