Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Key Hyundai of Manchester, LLC, et al., FTC File No. 112-3204 #00002

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Mike Sweeney
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Key Hyundai of Manchester, LLC, et al., FTC File No. 112-3204
These 5 dealers represent pebbles in the ocean of deception of car dealers. Having worked in a car dealership for a short time, countless people came in who owed 10's of thousands more than their cars were worth due to "roll overs". Sometimes at extreme interest rates or 16 or 18%. Almost every dealership that advertises in central CT claims to "pay off your car". Bob's of Milford comes to mind, running commercials with "bad credit, no credit Don't worry, we'll get you financed!" they also ran an ad for a brand new 2011 or 2010 model for $199 a month. The fine print indicated that the buyer would have to put down almost $17,000! If I could comment on ads, the fine print on television ads should be a certain percentage of the largest print. Like 50% or larger. I believe some ads have the fine print deliberately blurred. I have a 46" HD TV with corrective lenses better than 20/20 and I still can't read the fine print. This could hold true for radio ads with all the "fine print" whispered, read too quickly at the beginning or ending of an ad, for 1 or 2 select vehicles. I recently bought a used vehicle in CT that had been in an accident. The dealership had misrepresented the vehicle in multiple ads as an LE model even though it was an SE. Oops. Their mistake. They also claimed the vehicle was never in an accident via a "clean" car fax. Oops. Their mistake. I took the vehicle to get inspected at another dealership and it came back with a clean bill of health. Oops. Their mistake. First time I took the vehicle to get serviced, the technician came out and asked me if I knew half of my new/used car had been repaired and repainted Talked to the state DMV and they said there was nothing I could do since it was a used car and the dealership probably just made an honest mistake. Now I'm stuck with a $20,000 lemon Oops, my mistake. I apologize if this is not the correct venue to air these greviences, I have never bought a vehicle from any of these dealers, but I believe if these 5 are going to be held accountable, the FTC needs to hold the entire auto sales industry accountable. Just like we've seen in the mortgage industry, deceptive practices hurt everyone. Thank you.