Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Level 3 Communications, LLC. #00002

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Brittany Martin Barnett
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Level 3 Communications, LLC.
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A number identified on WhitePages Lookup as Level 3 Communications VoIP has made multiple calls to my private number recorded on the Do Not Call List provided by the FCC. Multiple calls have been received, some ignored, many times the caller hangs up when the call is answered, and only once did the caller ask for me by (almost) my correct name. I asked the caller who they were and got a refusal to answer unless I provided my name. I asked the caller to stop calling my number and the calls have continued through today - February 1, 2014. When I asked the caller to stop, he responded that he would call back at a later time. I asked that he do not do that, and he hung up. The caller sounds as though English is not his first language. The calls come approximately every two days and I either push them to voicemail (and receive no messages) or answer and the caller has always since hung up on me since the call during which I refused to answer his questions. This feels like harassment. I have recently read other online complaints about the same caller involving questions about high-end cars; however, I cannot personally speak to that issue. This caller does not appear to fall under any type of public aid assistance, charity, or other organization related to "safe harbor" as I understand the definitions. I hope these comments and actions by the FTC help end the calls from this seemingly farcical, possibly SPAM-related organization.