Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of California Association of Legal Support Professionals #00002

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Randy Scott
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of California Association of Legal Support Professionals
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131 0205

I was expelled from the National Association of Process Servers (NAPPS). I was expelled January 2013 because I spoke out against competitors who happen to be board members of various associations all affiliated with the respondent CALSPRo through NAPPS. In fact during my challenge to these competitors CALSPRo board members Steven Janney, David Nill, Andy Estin were all board members of NAPPS too. My speech was specific and related to improper handling of members money, failure to report properly to the IRS, and reporting of civil lawsuits, criminal indictments, misdemeanor convictions involving notary fraud of some competitors who also happen to be board members of the various enterprise of associations. I also reported to law enforcement and to members. NAPPS is a representative body meaning the members/competitors elect the board and officers, albeit in a representative fashion that equals less than 8% of the membership. All of these issues reflected directly on the trade of process serving and cannot be separated from the competitive trade and the desire to offer professional services. Nor can this speech be separated from a desire to fight the negative image that is popularly reported regarding sewer service practices in the industry. The speech was and is designed to inform and instruct and NOT adopt these practices to remain in business but instead change the practices toward professionalism. The matter of CALSPRo cannot be separated from NAPPS or its enterprise of controlled associations across the country. These association are attached in the packet to this comment. The same board members of these association are historical board members of NAPPS. This cannot be separated from any of the various associations that are direct affiliates of NAPPS. For instance Florida Association of Private Process Servers (FAPPS) currently has on NAPPS board Mike Compton vice president and Lance Randall secretary both are also the FAPPS President and vice president respectively. In Florida a map was created whereby FAPPS leaders and committees members and the administrator divides the Florida market into ten sections. They cause this to be published in the NAPPS trade magazine called the docket sheet. The intent is a clear outward appearance of the inward practices of all associations. It is these type of words I spoke to my competitors that lead to my expulsion and published in the black list in the NAPPS members only section starting January 22, 2013. I have attached the expulsion letter written by NAPPS president Norman Yellon who is also the president of the New York State Association of Private Process Servers another NAPPS affiliate. I have also attached the map examples that FAPPS leaders publish dividing the Florida market. I will prepare further comments prior to close with more historical documents relating to the anti competitive nature of the associations. Including marketing of NAPPS directory to exclusive government contracts with verbiage using NAPPS members only. I oppose this consent order as written in the limited scope. It will do more harm then good among the just and lawful guidance on all associations lead by NAPPS. Respectively, Randy Scott [redacted]