In the Matter of Staples/Essendant, Inc., File No. 1810180 #02545

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Kathryn Benavides
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In the Matter of Staples/Essendant, Inc., File No. 1810180
I find this outrageous. We as consumers all hate Big Greed Business. Every company that becomes larger becomes impossible to deal with. They hide behind email, voice mail, and pass the buck. You're on hold for HOURS! Then get disconnected. You call back, wait on hold, finally get someone and then told "Oh, that's not my department; you'll have to call back on this number." They bombard you with stupid, vapid ads and call you constantly on the phone whether at home, on your cell and work. (Google, Yelp, etc). They destroy the fabric of communities everywhere because they -- with YOUR HELP -- undermine small and medium -sized businesses, medium-sized businesses, and entrepreneurs. It's bad enough that Bully Bezos is bulldozing EVERYONE to the fng ground, now you get to help his ilk. Stop Dollar Stores. Stop Big Box Chains. Stop giving subsidies to billionaires. Including sports team owners; I do not want to have my taxes go towards building stadiums for rapist and wife-beater ballers. Stop Big Pharma. Stop Big Banks. STOP THE MADNESS. Big Greed is making the United States into a THIRD WORLD country, where no one -- even the illegals and legal immigrants -- have the chance of getting ahead. Wake up! You know what that means, don't you? Or you should know. More welfare from taxpayers to subsidize the meager, piss-poor salaries that the McDonalds, etc pay. Everyone has a dog in this hunt. When small/med businesses go, the tax base declines - business AND property -- because we once well-off aren't well off anymore and can't afford the big houses that pay the big property taxes. Communities become filled with empty storefronts where once independent and local businesses and restaurants once thrived -- and then struggled after the Testosterone on Wall Street got done with the economy -- so that now only Chains can afford to be there. And crime increases. Would you like to visit Naples, Florida, where I am, and see nothing but chain stores and chain restaurants on 5th Avenue and Third Street and everywhere else? What's the point? Stay home and see your own community's chains, chains, chains. Local and independent shops and restaurants can no longer afford the high rents (thanks to another Big, a Big developer here buying up everything he can get his greedy hands on), combined with the competition of people show-rooming the proprietors. Grow some and STOP THIS MADNESS, you Bork-theory-loving, Koolaid-drinking Morons! I'm not quite done here but I'm going to self-stick a fork in myself because it's just so upsetting, demoralizing and frustrating that you all are fecklessly abdicating your roles to keep this country in the best shape it can be. Kathryn Benavides Naples, Florida