In the Matter of Staples/Essendant, Inc., File No. 1810180 #01780

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Martha Viehmann
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In the Matter of Staples/Essendant, Inc., File No. 1810180
The proposed merger between Staples and Essendant is gravely concerning. Private equity related mergers deserve heightened scrutiny as the recent closure of the previously profitable Toys R Us shows. After acquisition by a private equity fund, this popular retailer was loaded with debt and couldn't survive. The employees received no severance packages, and but the investors still made gains. This is devastating to local economies and harmful to consumers. Staples has a prominent presence in my community, and it is where I turn for supplies. Because Staples competes with Target and Office Max, consumers like me benefit. I am concerned that a a Staples/Essendant merger will be harmful to consumers and employees. The FTC needs to stop the Staples/Essendant merger and generally scrutinize the anti-competitive practices of private equity when assessing private equity-driven mergers.