21st Century Hearings: Georgetown University November 1 #FTC-2018-0091-D-0014

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Patricia Ross
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21st Century Hearings: Georgetown University November 1
Thanks to Cable channels, the internet, Facebook, and Twitter, it must be recognized that the FTC regulation must cover all activities in the U.S., not just commercial applications. Fake news, fake elections, and fake government must be considered under truth in advertising rules that govern society from domestic to foreign input that portends to provide information to the public. If the information is not reliable, it is of little use to anyone except deception created to mislead, diminish the importance of, or unfairly position the product/service (commercial, nonprofit, or governmental) as advantageous rather than fake. In 2021, the introduction of bots makes it even more of a necessary protection for the American people as it doesnt even include humans in the transmission of data, too often relying upon fake identities, privacy intrusions, or make believe premises. The FTC must be enlarged in scope to detect, enforce, premeditated rules to defend against premeditated frauds, in government, in parties, in elections, in government, even in law enforcement. The data transmitted is far too important to leave in the hands of those who prefer self regulation......the most well proven fantasy of all! Congress included!