21st Century Hearings: Georgetown University November 1 #FTC-2018-0091-D-0012

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Gary LaGuardia
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21st Century Hearings: Georgetown University November 1
I urge you to call for investigations by the DOJ and FTC into antitrust law violations and prohibited business practices that are being used by the tech company community to both censor free speech and to suppress business competition. The purge of conservative thought and opinion from the internet is getting worse. Tech giants PayPal and Patreon have now joined the effort to scrub conservatives from the internet. Many content creators and social media personalities are not only being banned from social media accounts, but they are also being systematically demonized by creator payment platforms and internet payment processing companies. Patreon recently banned journalist and podcaster "Sargon of Akkad"...which prompted an International firestorm. People began moving to another creator payment platform called Subscribestar, but in only a few days, PayPal announced it would stop processing payments for Subscribestar. This had the effect of killing Patreon's competition. When the banning, deplatforming, and unpersoning of dissenting individuals ALSO moves into the stifling of free economic competition...then we seriously have to look into legal remedies.