21st Century Hearings: Constitution Center October 23-24 #FTC-2018-0090-D-0025

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Vanessa Pierce Rollins on behalf of Prof. Sean O'Connor
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21st Century Hearings: Constitution Center October 23-24
(3 of 3) V. Conclusion I believe that the FTC could beneficially use its enforcement and policy agenda to address significant consumer and competition-related concerns regarding copyright licensing activity. While drawing from a strong history of IP-related guidance, the FTCs enforcement and policy agenda should reflect copyright law and business practices as they exist currently, in an arena heavily dominated by Big Internet. I want to thank the Commission for allowing me the opportunity to provide these comments. I invite the Commission to let me know if I might provide additional information about any of the comments discussed above or any other related matter. Sincerely, Professor Sean OConnor Director of International Innovation Policy, Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property Boeing International Professor of Law, University of Washington School of Law in Seattle