Hearing #1 On Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st Century - Sept. 13-14 at Georgetown University Law Center #FTC-2018-0074-D-0028

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Hearing #1 On Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st Century - Sept. 13-14 at Georgetown University Law Center
Competition has now become even more aggressive and unethical in an age of rapid advancing technology. Some companies are having people who may have great influence followed and harassed. Stalking has a high percentage rate of not being reported because of the backlash and retaliation. The victim reporting the stalking also will be labeled as irrational, delusional, or crazy and not taken seriously by law enforcement. Technology advancements have allowed this behavior to increase ten fold. Social media, apps, email, text, spoofed calls and disappearing chat messages and such have allowed criminals to use these resources to communicate. Victims of this behavior have been reported as criminals or having them blacklisted and using technology to steal information regarding private thoughts, ideas and plans. Business plans, documents, business names and trade secrets, taken. Using security companies to track the individual, creating a bad reputation through slander, media, social media and etc. Having everyday people to follow them everywhere and in stores to monitor and record what they purchase and thoughts about certain purchases. Removing items from the shelves that they anticipate purchasing or having people come in and purchase all of it before the victim arrives. This makes the victim have to use more money to travel to more stores to find the item. This is 24/7 constantly. They damage, vandalize the interior or steal the property of the victim while they go inside stores with no forced entry. They have devices that will bypass alarm systems. They have multiple people around involved acting as normal everyday citizens with their families, children, and elder people. Convincing volunteers of watch groups to follow them, harass them, provoke them, stage car collisions and etc. Using people acting as local enforcement agencies to follow the individual in stores and such to create a bystander opinion that they are a criminal or worse. They have people pose as employees of organizations to steal the individuals personal identifiers and allow "catfishers" and "dopplegangers" to steal and do other criminal things so when people see the individual they will think they are a criminal or irrational person. They use You tube and other outsources to upload these videos of the behavior along with clips of other people fighting or acting irrational to give a bad perception of this person. They do not attach the name but constantly follow the individual and track their purchases online and offline to mimic their clothing, speech, and other personal identifiers. Meanwhile the innocent person is really a victim of harassment and theft. They have people transcribe someones personal thoughts that they say in their head and things they read internally. They have them followed everywhere "school", "library", "grocery store", "day care", "church", "museums", "parks". The employees working at the companies at a lower level allow the people to come in and act as employees. Whatever the individual purchases they somehow bring in a batch of it packaged like normal but it is poisoned or somehow makes them sick. They then have various people follow them around everywhere they go coughing, rubbing their noses and sniffing as if that person is making them sick. This is a psychological harrassment to the individual and conditions others to stay away from them or perceive them in a bad way.