The intersection between privacy, big data, and competition #FTC-2018-0051-D-0012

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Lanetta Davis
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The intersection between privacy, big data, and competition
After reading the other comments, this comment will be brief. My data should remain 'my data'. Big data collection by social media and then used by those big companies for profit is a violation of my privacy. By profiting from my data without recompense is theft. If a for-profit site on social media is required to pay a percentage fee to that site, why is my data used by the same social media for free? Make the option for data collection default to 'no' instead of 'yes' because most sites make it unclear or difficult to find the opt-out request. Some social media like Facebook own a variety of other social interactions, thereby monopolizing the platform. Why were they allowed to corner the market this way? The stifling of certain views on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. is also a form of political monopoly. Giving a greater voice to one political view over another is a form of election rigging by that social platform toward the preferred view. Sincerely, An average American