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David Raphael
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Request for Comments "Real Estate Workshop"
We were able to attend the June 5, 2018 workshop in Washington, What's New in Residential Real Estate Brokerage Competition, on behalf of the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO). We found it to be valuable and informative and would like to offer the following written comment on behalf of ARELLO. ARELLO is an association of real estate regulatory bodies from around the world, but primarily from the United States and Canada. ARELLO is not an advocacy group, but its members are united behind the goals of licensing qualified individuals and protecting the public. ARELLO members are committed to providing a mechanism within its boundaries for responding quickly to consumer concerns. ARELLO facilitates the exchange of information and cooperation among regulators and policy makers in the area of real property and real estate brokerage. ARELLO believes that the regulation of real estate licensees properly exits at the State level and is not a deterrent to real estate competition. Jurisdictions continue to see an increase in individuals and brokerages entering the marketplace, echoing what was heard at the workshop, competition is alive and well. Further, the licensing models in existence today have not deterred a variety of business models and approaches within the marketplace. ARELLO encourages cooperation and license recognition in licensing between jurisdictions. Most of ARELLO's U.S. member jurisdictions recognize the education and the national examinations approved in other states, requiring that applicants licensed in another jurisdiction only pass the State portion of the examination (covering real estate laws, rules, and standards of practice specific to that State). Some of these same jurisdictions, as well as other jurisdictions, have reciprocal licensing compacts with other States. In addition, many States have enacted laws or rules to expedite real estate licensing for members of the military and their spouses. At this time, ARELLO is actively working to find more ways to help its members streamline the licensing process and to enhance portability of real estate licenses. These activities bring individuals and brokerages into the marketplace quicker while still ensuring that candidates are qualified and public protection is front of mind. It is ARELLO's desire to continue to offer input on occupational licensing as it has more than 80 years of experience from its members to draw on and share. David Raphael 2018 ARELLO President & Anne Petit 2018 ARELLO President-Elect