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Irene Trivoulides
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Request for Comments "Real Estate Workshop"
Each Real Estate transaction is unique and full of emotions. Internet is unemotional, full of incorrect information and fraud. Unfortunately consumers are relying heavily on the internet that creates a lot of confusion, in most cases. The most common misinformation's are listing status and home values. How can you provide a home value, without seeing it first? In order to be a real estate agent these days, besides all the common fees for licenses, insurance, real estate boards, mls etc. you must invest in a strong online presence, if you want to be successful. The problem in most cases is, that the realtors are buying leads online, that came through from another realtor's listings used as the bate. In most cases, the listing agent should have got those leads instead. Doesn't that sound like cheating? Why are we allowing third party companies to sell out our hard work? That never made sense to me and it never will and I hope someone could fix that. By loosing your leads, due to these websites, customer acquisition is getting very expensive and most of the clients are also shopping for discounted fees, while requesting additional free services, like 3D photography, areal videos etc. We are here to protect and service our clients, who is here to protect us the realtors? Our own website was even sold ( what a shame! Regarding the Fee-for-service brokers. They only list your house but they don't represent the seller in the transaction. The buyers agent has to do all the work, including what normally a listing agent would have to do, for half or less of the commission. You would think that if you are not licensed to represent yourself, you should not be able to list your own house in the mls, but only on the for sale by owner websites. Getting a real estate license has become way to easy and many new realtors don't even know how to fill out the forms correctly. Contract class should be mandatory. Thanks for taking the time to read this. We are all Hoping for some positive outcome from this meeting. We are loosing the human touch..