In the Matter of Aromaflage; File No. 1623234 #00006

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R Lee
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In the Matter of Aromaflage; File No. 1623234
This settlement should include a MONETARY JUDGEMENT. People should not be allowed to sell products that they know (or should know) do NOT delivery the advertised benefits. These are not stupid people, they have IVY LEAGUE MBA'S, and they knew these products couldn't possibly work effectively like they claimed, otherwise pretty much any perfume would work as a effective repellent. These people charged GOBS of money for absolutely nothing but ordinary perfume in fancy packaging by FALSIFYING benefits that people need, exploiting fears of new and exotic mosquito born illnesses, and fear of chemicals. The so-called "scientific tests" they touted so much were blatantly misrepresented, falsified, inadequate at best. These are the EXACT type of snake-oil salespeople that the FTC was created to stop. BUT, a simple slap on the wrist and "bad boy and girl don't do that again" is NOT enough. These people just bought a MILLION DOLLAR mansion in CT, with money earned by the trusting public who believe that companies are not allowed to make such blatant, false, and unsubstantiated claims. But this will not stop unless these people face REAL penalties. It is too easy to slap any claim on a product nowadays, and this MUST STOP. Is it because these are nice-looking blue bloods that you don't want to actually punish them? They CLEARLY are not hurting for money, and the only way these people twill stop is to punish them by taking away some of the money the STOLE!