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thomas owen
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Request for Comments "Real Estate Workshop"
Hello, we are tech-enabled, discount real estate brokerage and I wanted to make you aware of anti-trust practices we regularly encounter. 1. MLS boards in California (unlike those in Florida) will not allow us to put into the MLS that the commission amount, per seller's written instructions, is to be reduced by $250 to cover certain seller costs. This language is routine for almost every MLS listing in Florida, but California MLS boards claim it violates the MLS rules. It feels like price-fixing in clear violation of the DOJ settlement with the real estate industry. 2.The number of MLS related complaints we get is staggering. I own a full service brokerage in Coronado, California, and we get a couple complaints a year about information on a listing. With Home Bay, by contrast, it is many per week. 3. We regularly encounter local associations and MLS boards who will not allow us to post our listings for broker tour open houses, claiming that the tour is only available to companies who have a local, onsite broker for the listing. This policy is obviously meant to disadvantage companies like ours. 4. The California Association of Realtors colludes with Zipforms/Docusign to keep companies like us from innovating. Effectively CAR members scare sellers into thinking only the CAR form library can be used to consummate a real estate transaction, and then CAR disallows companies like us from incorporating the forms into our software. As you are likely aware, companies like Dotloop and Reesio were sued by CAR for integrating the CAR forms. I would love the opportunity to discuss the above with someone at the DOJ. I have emailed the DOJ hotline but have gotten no responses. Is that hotline actively monitored?