In the Matter of Aromaflage; File No. 1623234 #00005

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Emilee Bolduc
New Hampshire
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In the Matter of Aromaflage; File No. 1623234
I offer my comment on the above Matter of Aromaflage File #1623234. Although I am disappointed to learn that they allegedly misrepresented their product and may not have actually had the scientific backing to support the product claims, I for one cannot deny that the product did in fact, for me, repel mosquitos and black flies. I have used Aromaflage for years and find it to be the most pleasing and effective product. I do use essential oils in my daily life and am aware of their insect repelling qualities so when I found a product that combined essential oils into a pleasing perfume that could be worn daily without having me smell like a tree or have oil stained clothing, I was (am still am) sold. I got my first bottle, used it immediately, and never looked back after my first camping trip when I came home bite free. Further, the customer service has always been stellar. Any issue I ever had was handled immediately and directly by one of the owners with respect, patience, and courtesy. I am so deeply saddened that it is possible I may not be able to purchase this product anymore so I am about to go online and buy whatever I can find before it is gone forever. I hope that the owners can be enlightened on how to become compliant and move forward so loyal customers such as myself, who are more interested in how well a product works versus what the label says, can continue to purchase a product we love. The proof is in the pudding, one may say, and I have all the proof I need when I can enjoy the outdoors without fear of being eaten alive. I hope my comment is helpful and will pray Aromaflage is not gone forever. Thank you, Emilee Bolduc