In the Matter of Aromaflage; File No. 1623234 #00003

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Michael Belmont
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In the Matter of Aromaflage; File No. 1623234
I sincerely hope that this agreement does not mean that they will not be charged with a crime. If it is the FTC's plan to allow them to get away without criminal charges being filed against them then the FTC is not working in the public interest. In fact the FTC would be working against the public interest by allowing the these criminals to harm their customers without punishment. For all the FTC knows, these sprays and candles may very well be toxic. Burning DEET produces dangerous gases. By the FTC's own admission, no laboratory testing of this product has been performed. These criminals willingness to lie and deceive the public apparently has no bounds yet you would be letting them walk away to continue as they always have. I will be following this case with anticipation of charges being filed. I sincerely hope the FTC continues it's good work and does all it can to see that criminals like these two are punished for their crimes and a proper deterrent to others following in their footsteps is demonstrated.