Privacy Act of 1974 System of Records: FTC File No. P072104 #00002

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Dave Root
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Privacy Act of 1974 System of Records: FTC File No. P072104
I am greatly concerned that due process and my privacy will be harmed by open access to sharing my personal info between all government agencies as outlined in this notice. Are there any safeguards against "political weaponization" without any accountability, by any federal, state or local governmental agency having access to this information as we have most recently seen in the news? I would like to see "teeth" in the rule for anyone, I mean anyone, that purposefully uses this information incorrectly. I mean seriously enforced jail time for anyone who fails to act in the investigation and prosecution process. I will say I don't trust the government in this matter or should I say the people in the government that are unelected bureaucrats. I am waiting for an "Internet Privacy" regulations that stop the horrific abuse by facebook, twitter and youtube, among others, with their selling of personal info and attacking free speech they disagree with. Will this proposed change deal with the silencing of ideas from people that the progressive left would silence by any means? Thank you.