In the Matter of CoreLogic, Inc., a corporation, File No. 131 0199 #00133

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Terry Rohrer
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In the Matter of CoreLogic, Inc., a corporation, File No. 131 0199
Well, as long as the Federal Government response to the lying, cheating and stealing of big corporations who provide large sums of money to members of congress and upper level bureaucrats is to demand that they hold out their wrist for a light slap, and maybe pay about one one hundredth of a percent of their ill gotten gains as a fine, they will continue and these non-penalty penalties will continue to be viewed as a cost of doing business. Same thing in third world countries, but they are honest enough to call them bribes. Let the punishment fit the crime. They were ordered to take specific step in order to gain approval for the merger/acquisition in question. They knowingly and purposefully did not keep their commitments. So, order them to divest their acquisition within 90 days, regardless of the cost to them. Then, they may be slightly more likely to comply with their future agreements. However, I find sending these comments to simply be a waste of time. The FTC has the authority and the personnel to both monitor the agreements they have reached, and to address the failings of those who were a party to the agreement. But, since the people paying for the FTC to operate have to work for a living, plus pay for all the other government agencies promising to represent them, most will not be aware that any of this is happening. So, CoreLogic is allowed to continue praying on their victims, FTC employees will continue to receive salaries and benefits and retirement accounts they have not earned, and both CoreLogic and FTC employees will get what they desire for minimal effort and no accountability. CoreLogic is swallowing every aspect controlling real estate data, and is stealing the data as it passes by, and the FTC sits idly by nipping at their heels once in a while so they think they appear relevant. You folks are a joke, and would probably provide more benefit to the US Taxpayer if you simply closed your doors, went home, stopped sucking from the public trough, and let the wolves have their way. They will eventually eat us all, but I expect that will take longer if the FTC isn't providing them cover.