In the Matter of CoreLogic, Inc., a corporation, File No. 131 0199 #00016

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North Carolina
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In the Matter of CoreLogic, Inc., a corporation, File No. 131 0199
I do believe Corelogic has now met the definition of a Monopoly. They now acquire a majority of the data collecting avenues, including the recent purchase of Alamode. It is my concern that public trust could be in jeopardy if Corelogic starts to use their control of massive stores of data to push policy in a direction that could have negative effects on the housing market. Especially where automated valuation modules become the sole source of assisting lenders in the loan process. These modules do not take into account many aspects that effect value and could lead the housing market/economy into similar situations that took place in 2007/2008. Facebook could be used as an example of how large companies collecting large amounts of data can be used, not for the overall good of the public, but for satisfying the bottom line and investors. This, in my opinion, could have similar negative effects on the overall market/economy in the future. It is my opinion that the FTC should limit Corelogic's control over mining data and should limit any further purchases of companies they may have an interest in.