FTC 16 CFR Part 315 Public Workshop Examining Contact Lens Marketplace And Analyzing Proposed Changes To The Contact Lens Rule #2938

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Britt Borders
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FTC 16 CFR Part 315 Public Workshop Examining Contact Lens Marketplace And Analyzing Proposed Changes To The Contact Lens Rule
To whom this may Concern, I am writing to you as new graduate. In my short time in my career I have been witness to the devastation that un-regulated contact lens have played in my patients lives. I have witnessed patients who have totally lost vision in one or both eyes due to unregulated contact lens being sold and falsely advertised. The unfortunate part for these patients is that although the lens were easy to purchase, once there is an issue or a bacterial infection develops (due to irresponsible practices) the companies become complete unresponsive and un-responsible. It is disheartening to watch patients lives destroyed by something so avoidable. It is not uncommon to see 10 or more patients a day who have contact lens issues (due to overwear, protein deposits, misuse of contact lens, storage in inappropriate solution, inappropriate contact lens wear schedule, inappropriate contact lens material, uncomfortable fit, etc.). I'm the person that answers the question and breaks the news of permeant vision loss from contact lens, not the companies who caused the vision loss. I have personally sat with numerous patients sobbing over lost vision due to contact lens, false advertised or illegally filled Rx's. I sat with a patient in their teen's and their parent sobbing and begging me to try anything to help relieve there pain and get their vision back. A teenage who will never qualify to get a driver's license. The impact of Vision loss in our communities is real it effect each and everyone of us. Our economy our health care system. It has been shown that patients would give 10 years of there life for 1 year of vision. Thats how serious this topic is, that is what you need to be remembered when you make your decisions on the topic, people are willing to lose 10 years of life for 1 year of vision. In closing I want to address the seriousness of this topic with the same story I hear time and time again, "I thought my eyes were just uncomfortable from the contact lens like they always are but, I woke up and I couldn't see anything, please help me." NO contact lens should be uncomfortable if fit appropriately with the correct material and wearing schedule. The public has been taken advantage of for far to long with false advertisement and propaganda. Patients are unable to recognize difference in materials poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA), Hydrogel, silicon, etc. or realize the reasons why doctors choose lens that are more expensive than the cheapest thing on the shelf. The reality is that each contact lens material has different properties which make each of them suitable for different patients. Although as doctors we do our very best to educated each patients on the risk of blindness and false statements made by companies such as 1-800-contacts, Hubble, etc. We need help, to stop the false statements and propaganda used by the companies to manipulate patients into simply purchasing a product. Please help me and my colleagues by taking a stand. So we aren't forced to sit with a teenage and parents sobbing over the fact they will never be able to get a drivers license or become independent. Please help us not force patients to face the reality that they would rather give uo 10 years of their life for 1 year of vision. Thank you, Britt Borders