FTC 16 CFR Part 315 Public Workshop Examining Contact Lens Marketplace And Analyzing Proposed Changes To The Contact Lens Rule #2726

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Brendon Weaver
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FTC 16 CFR Part 315 Public Workshop Examining Contact Lens Marketplace And Analyzing Proposed Changes To The Contact Lens Rule
I believe that this proposed amended rule is misguided. Eye doctors already release spectacle and contact lens prescriptions to the patients according to the law. To ADD a requirement that the patient has to sign something that they received their prescription is ridiculous. A am fairly confident that every person under the sun is aware that they can buy contact lenses at an eye doctor's office AND the Internet. This proposed rule is like me going into Best Buy, looking to buy a television, and they would have to tell me, "You know, you can buy TVs somewhere else," and then have me sign a document indicating such a thing. To me, but maybe not to you, it's obvious that I can buy TVs wherever TVs are sold. And if I want to shop around, I am personally responsible to know that I have the right to do so. So, why punish small business owners trying to make a small profit on contact lenses by pretty much telling their customers, "You know, you can buy contact lenses somewhere else," and then have the patient sign something that they know this? This makes the office and the patient look like idiots. The patient thinks, "Duh, I already know this!" The good thing about selling contact lenses at my small optometry practice is I KNOW that the patient is receiving the EXACT contact lenses I prescribe. This is important because I evaluated the vision, fit and comfort of said lenses and I KNOW that they are going to work on the patient's eyes without causing harm: irritation, red eye, itchiness, corneal ulcers, corneal abrasions, BLINDNESS!!! You (FTC) and I (all eye care professionals) know that online companies such as 1800Contacts.com are fulfilling orders of EXPIRED contact lens prescriptions, undermining the doctor-patient relationship and sacrificing consumer convenience for a patient's health. I did mention that patients can go BLIND from wearing CONTACT LENSES, right? Also, Hubble contact lenses are substituting their crappy 20+ year old contact lens materials for contact lenses that doctors are prescribing to their patients. HOW IS THIS EVEN LEGAL? That's like me walking into a pharmacy and the pharmacist gives me oxycodone instead of Tylenol, because they don't give a crap. That's the thing. These online companies don't give a crap about my patients, they just want the money they are willing to pay for convenience. However, this undermines the current laws THAT ARE NOT ENFORCED, and ruins the doctor-patient relationship and threatens the patient's health. SO, why add something to the law that places a burden on doctors and their small business, instead of actually protecting the health interests of patients? Why don't you investigate unlawful activities from Internet companies such as 1800Contacts and Hubble Contacts and cease their activites due to NOT FOLLOWING THE LAW? It seems like this unfair discrimination against eye care professionals is only going to continue. I sincerely hope that you protect the health of consumer over the profits of online contact lens companies that already circumvent the law. Sincerely, Dr. Brendon J. Weaver