In the Matter of PayPal, Inc. #00019

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In the Matter of PayPal, Inc.
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I have made ebay payments via Venmo, so I actually have a dog in this fight. It doesn't surprise me that Venmo didn't protect consumers, and that PayPal didn't care. For a decade PayPal used a dodgy button on its checkout page to try to trick consumers into paying via bank account instead of credit card. But I don't expect companies like Venmo, Paypal, Ebay, Facebook, etc. to be ethical. They are in the business of enriching their executive staff. Does that remind you of anyone? Bingo -- it's just like President Tiny Hands! Who wants to put the private sector in charge of - running VA hospitals - running schools - running campgrounds and other facilities at national parks - recommending regulations for their own industry at EPA, Interior, etc. - building roads and bridges and collecting tolls - ripping off consumers because Ayn Rand would approve