In the Matter of CoreLogic, Inc., a corporation, File No. 131 0199 #00003

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In the Matter of CoreLogic, Inc., a corporation, File No. 131 0199
In my observation and opinion, CoreLogic is cornering the industry, reducing or eliminating competition. I am also concerned that they may be collecting data out of appraisal reports uploaded via the portals they currently (or will soon) own, much of which is (or should be) confidential to the client the report was prepared for, and some of which may be coming from non-public data sources that CoreLogic doesn't already own (which would give them indirect access to the data from the few remaining competitors). This means they will control too much of the data for the real estate industry, which is not good for consumers, is not good for competition and is not good for the economy. In my experience and opinion, it is already almost impossible to provide real estate services w/o using (subscribing to, paying for) at least one CoreLogic service already. I think they can already raise their fees for services with impunity and force one-sided contracts because of the lack of competition. In some (most?) instances of providing real estate services as an individual or a small company, the majority of the data sources and tools used are already owned by CoreLogic.