FTC Staff Seeks Empirical Research and Public Comments Regarding Impact of Certificates of Public Advantage; Project No. P181200 #00024

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margaret mordoch
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FTC Staff Seeks Empirical Research and Public Comments Regarding Impact of Certificates of Public Advantage; Project No. P181200
As I handle my parents health care, I have encountered several issues. Billing practices are very complicated and difficult for my elderly parents to understand. United health care will not disclose nor the physicians office my parents 20 percent obligation before a procedure and there is in fact a contractual amount made by the physican and the insurance company. This should always be transparent. I found the physcians to be over charging the insurance company for a procedure or an item and then its refused by the insurance company and then it has to be resubmitted and the patient has to pay the doctor and will get reimbursed afterwards. this is difficult for the elderly patient. the insurance companies expect the insurer the elderly to read the 500 page booklet for changes and coverage's. I also, saw that the insurance company pays the physicians and the rest is paid by the patient so they are basically making 120.00 per office visit and all the other exams are ala carte and have to be done else where and the primary just sends the patient to the specialists and that costs more out of pocket for the patient instead of the primary handling some of the issues a patient has. The internist is trained to handle most illness. specialties drive up health care costs and over utilization of technology does too. The Emergency room physician orders alot of technology and doctors too so that they will not be sued by the patient. litigation is another factor that drives up health care costs. I went to get a prescription for my dad for cough syrup and it was 100.00 even with insurance. also, the flu medicine Tami flu was 100.00 even with health care insurance. Doctors offices demand drivers licenses and want to copy it and demand social security numbers and that is a breach of privacy. This is for billing collection matters not just for identity. they should not be able to do this just verification is necessary. If there is an existing balance of the patient they refuse to see the patient yet, still they are getting paid by the insurance. United health care is recieveing at least 900 per month or more per patient that is under their managed health care. multiply that by a million customers per month thats a lot of money coming through their hands. wow. a cash cow. Yet, they behave like a car insurance company. The turn around time for a claim should be not more than 7 days. sometimes the physician has to submit the claim at least 3 to four times. no wonder physicians are going to be having a group private practice that patients will be paying them instead of the insurance companies and they will be providing the services. Health care is a right not a privilege and our personal information is private and not to be sold or leins cannot be placed on our personal assets or credit reports. and law suits to be capped at a limit. alot of doctors have to carry one million dollars insurance in liability. This drives up costs too.