Understanding Competition in U.S. Prescription Drug Markets: Entry and Supply Chain Dynamics #00419

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Ajay Sharma
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Understanding Competition in U.S. Prescription Drug Markets: Entry and Supply Chain Dynamics
Additionally, I would like to add. The rebates received by PBM's is not followed and there are few laws regulating this. CVS/Caremark increases the cost of a medication by adding the medication to it's formulary. For example, if the drug is $10 CVS caremark will tell the manufacturer we have 90 million members so we would like $5 per prescription. This type of kickback brings the cost of the medication to $15. Another example is the closed door sessions the Senate had on the price of EpiPen. It was a closed door session because so many people get kickbacks the Senate did not want it to be public. I have worked in manufacturing... the cost of the needle should be about $2 per dose. Mylan was charging $300 ... but who blames them... they have so many mouths to feed and pockets to line. CVS must be paying the FTC to not call them a monopoly.... how can one company pay a pharmacy down the street from them less than it costs that's pharmacy to get the medication when and when they fill it themselves... they have their own contract... also a secret contract with the same insurer to fill the same medication but they get paid more. Shannon Penberthy, Vice President, CVS Federal Government Affairs should answer these questions publicly instead of hidden comments saying " As part of its rose in managing and adjudicating payments to pharmacies participating in managed Medicaid in Maryland. CVS Health will continue to review and address all appeals submitted by pharmacies in the State of Maryland in accordance with applicable law. MAC prices are subject to change" we have not seen any payments from CVS to this date. Only indications that they found the drug for sale by a wholesaler at this unreal price. These cocksuckers are just trying to put us all out of business like they did with Target. When they are the only pharmacy they will increase prices to themselves and increase the amount they ask for rebates. The Federal government officials are paid off and get their medications for free for the rest of their lives so what are they worried about. The specialty drug market must be studied. The amount that is spent for these medications has surpassed traditional pharmacy this year and CVS directs all their members to itself... Unrealistic hoops to cross such as paying to be accredited is only a game. those stupid fuckers working at mail orders and specialty pharmacies are automatons working just to get prior authorizations. They don't know any of the patients and frankly they don't care about them. I know... i used to work for CVS. I ask you please to make sure when they purchase Aetna they must no longer manage or have the ability to see any other payments to other pharmacies. They should only be allowed to bill Aetna prescriptions and should have to see the rest of their business... it is a monopoly.