In the Matter of Red Ventures Holdco, LP and Bankrate, Inc., File No. 1710196 #8

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Jodi Glacer
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In the Matter of Red Ventures Holdco, LP and Bankrate, Inc., File No. 1710196
As sited in this complaint, there is a need for Consumer Protection. Consumers looking for help with their parents have no idea that A Place for Mom takes their information takes their personal information and passes it onto several Assisted Living Facilities in their area, and now are part of an agreement that they cannot rescind. I am able to provide you with several people who were just looking for information for a relative or friend, to find out that when they decide they need local, personalized help, that I and others like me cannot be compensated because of that online action. Consumers also need to protected from potentially misleading statements on their webpages. Relatives from other states think that a "local advisor" will be actually working with their family members locally. I often have people call me because their loved one needs to be taken to the different ALF locations. They just wanted information online, and now they get a list of places that may or may not match their needs, and no-one is locally available to help their loved one. It is not fair to the consumers that their info is spread, they have people calling them from up to 12 locations, and no one is there to represent them. There is no place that they have to agree to or sing off on for this to happen. And, local representative doesn't mean what it is represented as. Please protect these people who are vulnerable because they need help. And please eliminate the barrier between clients who actually need someone who can help them locally, and someone like me who offer services they really need.