FTC, Department of Education Announce Workshop to Explore Privacy Issues Related to Education Technology #00011

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New York
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FTC, Department of Education Announce Workshop to Explore Privacy Issues Related to Education Technology
To whom it concerns : The assumption that learning through technology is best and needed in Today's world and is safe is a fallacy! We in recent days have witnessed the false security of how technology fails us even when security measures have been put in place! Does the eqifaxdata breach ring a bell? How about the countless others like Health insurance data breaches ,yahoo data breaches and yes even store data breaches like Target!These data breaches have begun to grow and spread worldwide& puts lives of innocent adults, teens and even our youngest children at birth of more serious levels of theft and stolen identities&most without knowledge months/years later due to business practices. These thefts are speaking Loud&Clear of the IMMINENT DANGERS Of Today's technology and proving to us that there is NEVER a Secure means of secured servers! These security failures need to STOP! Collecting data from children in public schools especially in forms of data from classwork, tests, assessments along with personable identifiable means as well as other forms used in schools is WRONG &in our opinion should be illegal! These electronic formats used in schools that collect large volumes of data per day is not only ethically& morally wrong but in our opinion legally wrong! Please read and hear us! We as parents of innocent children demand that parents rights (Ferpa) be RESTORED IMMEDIATELY! ALL data collection on our children should be stopped or minimally be given the choice to "opt in" with understanding that No data ever would be collected without a parents written consent except for school grades and performance and possibly discipline actions. Foremost,no data ever should be sold or given to a corporation, business or organization without written informed consent of legal parents.We plead of you to do the best for children by protecting and serving our children and at least minimize the risks that schools use aND decide to collect and run volumes of data on "our" children. OUR CHILDREN AND THEIR DATA belongs to "US" their parents NOT the schools, not the communities or even the governments. "They" belong to the parents who provide and raise them to their best abilities and would do their very best daily to make them honest, caring, responsible, respectful citizens for a better tomorrow! Please help us help our children and protect our rights as parents so we can protect them. Thank you for your time!