In the Matter of Mars, Inc. and VCA Inc., File No. 171-0057 #00013

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holly lemaire
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In the Matter of Mars, Inc. and VCA Inc., File No. 171-0057
As a former charter owner of Banfield, Pet Hospital, I have witnessed what a business like MARS can do to the local veterinarians in a smaller city. They promote their own pet food brands which are sub standard. They employ doctors and staff at their hospitals and assign them to horrendous work hours, shifts, and then expect them to also promote their products as well as utilize their online partnerships, laboratory companies, and pharm products. It is totally a monopoly of worker/client/pet patient/pet product business. Concurrently, they CONTINUE to form unions with laboratory companies, pet food companies, pet product companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc making the independent veterinarian compete for pricing, lost business, and general services. I witnessed Ms Pamela Mars thanking her Banfield doctor for making her rich. She has shown nothing short of greed towards the people who work in her companies by forcing them to only use their services, products, and connections.