Lenovo (United States) Inc., Matter No. 152 3134 #00009

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Sally Welsh
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Lenovo (United States) Inc., Matter No. 152 3134
I purchased a Lenovo laptop during the timeframe when it was installed with the Superfish software. I had done enough research to learn, through www.cnet.com (I believe) what Superfish was, along with instructions on how to remove it. I do not recall seeing anything from Lenovo or Superfish/Visual Discovery. As an informed computer user, I would also not have thought that software like this would slow the speed of my processor, as it apparently does. The FTC commissioner made a pretty far reach stating that most consumers would know that this would occur. The FTC should look into all of the software that comes prebundled with a computer purchase. I have to research what it is, what is does and if I can/should remove it. Sometimes, the manufacturer or software company will make it so difficult to remove, or post drastic warnings about removing unnecessary software, that even with some experience and information to the contrary, I get intimidated into leaving it on.