Lenovo (United States) Inc., Matter No. 152 3134 #00008

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Lenovo (United States) Inc., Matter No. 152 3134
I own a Lenovo Laptop that my husband bought me. We bought it in CA and now we have moved to Arizona. The Best Buy gut gave me the wrong Recovery Disc for it right from the beginning. I called and called they referred me to the geek Squad since I had purchased a $100.00 one year warranty with the Geek Squad.That was in 2011 and it crashed shortly there after. I got case $'s and incident #'s time and time again. They wanted me to BUY a recovery disc for $59.00. Well I had just spent over $400.00 on it just a year earlier. Now it has been in the closet for at least 5-6 years and I am still livid about this. I am 62 yrs old and I recently had my 401K taken from me some how.I wonder if the information on my laptop had something to do with this article about comprising my private information. It was my retirement $52.000.00. I of coarse got no phone calls from Lenovo. I am on food stamps and I am looking for work anywhere I can, but at my age no one really wants to hire me. I live in a place where there is very little money and work is even harder to find than money. I just wonder if the article about the software could have been how these money hungry hackers got my retirement? I'm not that computer saavy but I wouldn't be surprised. Thank you for hearing me out. It's hard enough in this world to make ends meet without some hacking into your accounts. [redacted].