In the Matter of Mars, Inc. and VCA Inc., File No. 171-0057 #00003

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Russ Bailey
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In the Matter of Mars, Inc. and VCA Inc., File No. 171-0057
As the owner of a solo practice, I believe that corporate ownership of veterinary practices serves to lessen the quality of medicine and serves to drive privately owned practices out of business. I believe we can look to what has happened with pharmacies to clearly see that each of these things will prove to be true. By infusing veterinary practices with multiple levels of management not seen in private practice, corporations will emphasize profits to the detriment of quality medicine. Mars veterinary practices will purchase inventory at a substantial savings. Mars will be able to sell it's Royal Canin food at its general practices, refer to Blue Pearl Hospitals, perform lab work at Antech, take radiographs on equipment from Sound Technologies. While I believe in a free market, I also believe businesses should operate on a fair playing field. With mega corporations entering the veterinary field, the playing field is clearly tipped in their favor. Private practices will suffer the same fate as independent pharmacies; private practices will be unable to compete with the corporate practices and will become a novelty such as is now the case with independent pharmacies.