In the Matter of ICP Construction Inc., File No. 1623081 #00003

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Theodore Voight, Jr
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In the Matter of ICP Construction Inc., File No. 1623081
This is one example of there not being enough testing being done all over the place. Test equipment and knowledge is not presented to people starting at birth on. If you are going to pass on chemicals and anything outside the basic elements of survival that are completely unnecessary such as using paint of any sort unless it's EMF paint to block the government's and military's mind control and trillion forms of unnecessary wave frequency emissions, covered with wallpaper or something that blocks fumes, there is no reason to use paint. The FTC will only be able to ensure there is no fraudulent claims on chemical exposures to the public by making currency sales of such chemicals, but there really is no centralized agency to make sure someone can't use such chemicals by testing and removing the source. They can even be used as a weapon. There's no centralized state agency and there's no real local agency governed by the same forms of technologies being used as weapons. Some of these are patented and sold for currency, by the way. Raytheon is one example. My name and this address have been targeted for a multitude of years. Contact me if you are a regular citizen seeking information or are able to provide information or assistance of some sort. For paint, the government should probably ban it completely for corporate widespread sale using currency, if they are going to have dealing with currency. If someone chemically produces it at home, only if it extends outside that residency? Otherwise you expose other people who may not consent. Quite honestly it may be necessary to be the government if the people in it don't do what they say they are supposed to do, depending on what that may be and the reason behind it.